OSGeo:UK acts as a focal point for users, service providers and developers of open source geospatial software within the UK, for networking and advice.

We work to promote the use of open source geospatial software in the UK to all types of user, including providing opportunities for access to software to those who would not otherwise be able to use it. We want to promote networking, collaboration and mutual support amongst users and developers of OSGeo software, and particularly to make it easy for newcomers to gain information about the field.

Membership is free, just sign up at our mailing list, details at uk.osgeo.org. We aim to host or support a FOSS4G event at least once every two years if possible, along with running or supporting smaller single-day events on a variety of topics.

In addition we help to promote other events such as those run by the UK QGIS User Group (qgis.uk), and with a small pot of funding we can support open source projects or events if needed.

Please post to the mailing list or the Google+ group if you have any questions or want to get involved – we want to hear from you!