I am a C/C++ (as well as Java and Python) software developer, based in France, with strong expertise on the GDAL/OGR software, primarly developed by Frank Warmerdam and now governed by a Project Steering Committee under the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). I have been involved in the development of the project since 2007. I am the current chair of its PSC, and contribute to it as main developer and maintainer. I am also a committer of MapServer, QGIS, PROJ.4, OpenJPEG, libtiff and libgeotiff, OGDI, and also involved in the developement of shapelib. I have been elected as an OSGeo Charter Member in 2011. After many years of heavy involvment in GDAL and MapServer in parallel to other activities, I've decided to found Spatialys, to be able to dedicate my full time to bring my expertise around those technologies at your service.

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