Francesco Frassinelli

My Mission

Promote the use of open source geospatial software in the biology and ecology research environment, as well as adapting and improving existing OSGeo software projects.


Francesco Frassinelli has been active in free software communities since 2004, and in OpenStreetMap since 2008; he has been one of the founders and officers of the student association PoliMappers in Politecnico di Milano, where he obtained an MSc degree in Geoinformatics Engineering with a thesis on OpenStreetMap temporal accuracy and up-to-dateness. He works as coordinator for environmental data at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.

He has 10+ year of experience as a software developer, and more recently he became a member of both GeoNode and CKAN development teams, as well as a contributor to the Geopaparazzi project. He is active on GitHub, where it contributes to the OSM Italy and HOT tasking manager repositories as well, among others. He is mostly focused on Python projects, containerization, and continuous integration.

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