Stefanie Lumnitz

My Mission

Promote the uptake of open innovation best practices and principles within the EO community and at ESA


Stefanie is an Earth Observation Application Scientist at the European Space Agency. She is passionate about exploring and fostering interesting ideas and projects at the intersection of open spatial data science and earth sciences. She is fascinated by cutting edge-technological advancements in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Remote Sensing and focus her work on how these advancements can be used to solve problems due to global change in the 21st century.

Stefanie is a strong advocate for Open Innovation, Software, Data and Platforms at ESA and a proud member of the open source scientific software community. She is a core-developer and steering-council member of the Python Spatial Analysis Library (PySAL). She is the author of splot, a python package under PySAL providing lightweight plotting and mapping functionality for geospatial statistical analysis. As a former recipient of the Google Summer of Code Fellowship she has contributed back in mentoring students for different PySAL and dask-geopandas GSoC Projects moving geopandas and PySAL core functionality towards deployment on HPC systems and applicability for geospatial high performance data analytics workflows. Since 2018, Stefanie has been a contributing member to the Python Software foundation.


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