Amin Mobasheri

My Mission

To support the development and employment of OS GIS Data, Software, Standards and Education through proper knowledge dissemination platforms.


Amin Mobasheri is an information scientist interested in employment of Open Source geospatial solutions in urban and environmental studies. He has been an active academic and research supporter of “Geo-4-all”. His main interest falls between the use of open geospatial datasets such as OSM, as well as data quality assessment and enrichment of such volunteered geographic information. His PhD dissertation focused on OSM data quality assessment and enrichment for urban routing of people with restricted mobility. The methods, results and analysis of his study are all publicly accessible (published as open access). Furthermore, the services developed by him and his colleagues/project partners in CAP4Access EU-FP7 project was instructed to become publicly available “as a whole” via this website.┬áIn this respect, as an example of a practical collaboration he is proud of, together with colleagues of SozialHelden, they worked on understanding and improving the reliability of data contributed in the well-known crowdsourcing platform: WheelMap.

One of the activities that Amin has been focusing on in the past 3 years is to provide proper scientific knowledge dissemination venues to OS GIS researchers for properly shaping and publishing the results of their studies. The most recent example of such a joint-collaboration is the current Transactions in GIS special issue under progress. Previous editions of such collaborations can be found here, and here. Amin and his collaborators aim to continue the management of this special issue in the future, consistently.

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