Sanghee Shin


Mr. Sanghee Shin received the BSc from the Department of Landscape Architecture, Seoul National University, Korea, 1996. He majored in environmental GIS and received MSc from Seoul National University, Korea, 1998. In 2011, he received MBA(Master of Business Administration) degree from KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) business school. He had been a GIS SW programmer till to 2004 and changed his career path to business administration. Since 2004, he has been a president & CEO of Gaia3D, Inc., a geospatial company in Korea. He established OSGeo Korean Chapter in 2008 and was elected as a Charter Member of OSGeo Foundation in 2011. He is an active promoter of open source, open standard and open data. His major interests include open source GIS, 3D GIS/BIM, environmental GIS and meteorology. He organized of KAOS-G, an alliance of commercial open source GIS SW company in Korea in 2013 and has served as chair of KAOS-G. He is also organizing chair of International FOSS4G 2015 which will be held at Seoul.

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