I am based in Tromsø, northern Norway. Here I work on understanding sea ice in the Arctic Ocean at the Norwegian Polar Institute, as part of the Nansen Legacy Project. As an earth systems researcher I am a day-to-day user of, and advocate for, open geospatial tools. Research is all about communication, and a huge part of that communication is being able to show openly all the tools and methods we use. Also, we should always aim to lower barriers to participation in research. Having all the tools supported by OSGeo makes that so much easier. I was a founding director of OSGeo Oceania. I've been an OSGeo charter member since 2018, and have had the incredible fortune to visit a number of FOSS4G conferences - where you might have seen me give workshops about the Point Data Abstraction Library, or talks about open source tools for doing magic with point clouds. Maybe I'll see you in the future, and talk about science, open tools, open minds, and how we can be better at being humans on our one Earth...

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