Global Land Tool Network (GLTN)

Alliance contributing to poverty alleviation through land reform, management and security of tenure particularly through pro-poor and gender-sensitive land tools.

Secure land tenure and property rights are fundamental to shelter and livelihoods as well as the realization of human rights, poverty reduction, economic prosperity and sustainable development.

GLTN’s main objective is to contribute to poverty alleviation and the Millennium Development Goals through land reform, improved land management and security of tenure.

UN-Habitat continues to work towards these objectives through GLTN with partners who include international civil society organizations, international finance institutions, international research and training institutions, donors and professional bodies.

Relationship with OSGeo

The purpose of this partnership is to establish a collaborative relationship between the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN). One of the geospatial tools developed by GLTN under the lead of the United Nations Habitat office is the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM). It is based on a data model implemented using Postgres and PostGIS and a front end plugin based on QGIS.

This partnership will allow GLTN partners to fund individuals through OSGeo to join forces on projects, collaborate on the software, take part in meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.

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