Spatial Information Office of Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH Corp)

Government owned Korean company providing land and housing for public use.

LH Corp is one of the largest public companies in Korea providing land and housing for public purpose. They are owned and controlled by the Korean government.

LH Corp has been supporting and advancing Korean national spatial data infrastructure and developing and operating related geospatial systems since the early years, through technical projects and academic activities at a range of scales: local, regional, national and international.

Relationship with OSGeo

Common goal to develop collaboration opportunities for academia, industry and government organizations in Open Source GIS software, and Open Data, in Korea.

  • Positive effort to activate utilization of Open Source GIS in public domain organizations of ROK (Republic of Korea), including LH Corp.
  • Establish a close cooperation with OSGeo and specifically with the OSGeo Korean chapter.
  • Work and research together to introduce Open Source software and communities to LH Corp team members, for possible use in the development of geospatial applications.
  • Continue to help LH Corp establish open geospatial datasets, through the help of the OSGeo local chapter, to allow the Korean public access.

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