OSGeo Branding and Website reboot

Are you ready! Over the last six months we have been working hard to redirect the Open Source Geospatial Foundation for user outreach – today we reveal the new website and show off all the work that has been done.

The focus of this talk is to explore the rebooted osgeo.org website: what is new; what has been repurposed; and what has migrated to the wiki. We ask project teams to attend this presentation to start taking advantage of the new facilities. Learn how the website’s outreach focus can steer new users to your project.

Service Providers and Consultants: For those who make their living in open source we offer both sponsors and service providers a vastly improved experience helping you reach customers. This is our chance to acknowledge your participation in our community and provide guidance on increasing your visibility.

OSGeo Members: For our OSGeo members, our strong local chapters worldwide, and partner organizations: we hope you appreciate and leverage this new resource to introduce the world to our technology.

We are excited to bring you these improvements making good on the OSGeo Board’s direction to focus on both building our open source community and to “empower everyone with open source geospatial.”

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