Engineering, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Consulting and Training are areas in which BGEO is a specialist. The company located in Granollers (Barcelona) is the result of the growth of “tècnicsassociats”, focused only on engineering projects. On July 2014, the company grew in services, incorporating GIS into its DNA.


With the potential of GIS solutions, the team members began, since 2005, to see that these could be offered to various entities from administrations to companies. With the training of engineers and technicians, an own driver has been developed using open source technologies, named Giswater, which connects GIS tools with water network management programs and mathematical models.

As of today, BGEO is:

  • Giswater supplier in several water management companies in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and engineering companies in Brazil;
  • Engineering project writer and construction manager;
  • Implementer, consultant and trainer in GIS technologies.

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