Founded in 2001, Camptocamp is a European reference in the development of Open Source software. Camptocamp is editor and integrator and specializes in Geospatial solutions, Business solutions and Infrastructure solutions.

Camptocamp is established in Switzerland, in France and in Germany. It currently employs over 120 highly accomplished quality-driven professionals who inspire, master and challenge Open Source solutions every day.

With more than 20 years of experience in the international Open Source market, Camptocamp has acquired a real credibility and trust from the communities of the software solutions we help develop.

Our experience in the Open Source market also enables us to build sets of collaborative tools and to develop a real teamwork approach which eases fast and efficient transfers of competencies.

Our level of competence is widely known and recognized by communities and customers. Besides, our teams are made up of business specialists and technical experts with many years of professional experience in Open Source solutions. Camptocamp also implemented modern tools and methodologies to ensure quality work and short deadlines.

Project expertise
Camptocamp is actively involved in the heart of the best Open Source software communities.

Since its creation, Camptocamp has been using Open Source software while being dedicated to concrete collaborative evolutions.

As a well-known editor within communities (developer and committer, member of steering committees), Camptocamp proposes not only development and editing competencies, but also business intermediary solutions between communities and customers which guarantee durability.

Generic developments are always integrated into Open Source-based components. Our customers do have the guarantee to get customized solutions which benefits from the latest evolutions.

The development of Open Source components is based on an environmentally sustainable IT philosophy and on the use of non-proprietary standards.

Our involvement in the Open Source communities such as the OSGeo is a true testimony of our constant commitment to collaborative software developments.


A renowned worldwide expertise in the development of spatial data.

Today, 80% of the information holds a map or spatial component. Specialized in the development of this type of data, Camptocamp Geospatial Solutions division develops, configures Open Source software, and guides its clients through their acquisition, management and storage.

Whether you need to develop a data catalog or offer a cartographic portal to customers, whether you need to sort, stock or develop data, whether you use a tablet, a computer or a smartphone, Camptocamp can help you build your project in its entirety.

With its proven worldwide reference as an editor of numerous Open Source software, Camptocamp also offers quality training and support fitted to your specific needs.

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