HydroloGIS S.r.l.

HydroloGIS is an Environmental Engineering Company whose aim it is to correlate IT and engineering through the development and the application of environmental models in support of the engineering design.

HydroloGIS was estabilishd in 2005 by its two partners Antonello Andrea and Silvia Franceschi, both of whom have gained several years of experienced in research projects at the Department of Engineering of the University of Trento.

Immediately accepted into the TIS innovation park of Bolzano as an innovative Company operating in the environmental field, HydroloGIS specializes in the development and modelling integrated into a GIS framework for the hydrologic, geo-morphologic and hydraulic sector.

The environmental models for the evaluation of the variables necessary for the engineering design, are developed in co-operation with the Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering of the University of Trento. In addition HydroloGIS actively co-operates in research projects with the IT Department of the University of Bolzano and with the Department of Science and Technology of the Free University of Bolzano.

All models developed by HydroloGIS are integrated into projects HortonmachinegvSIG and Geopaparazzi. All three projects are programmed in Java and released under GPL license.

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