Oslandia is an innovative company specialized in GIS architecture. We provide service on open source software for which we are editors or recognized experts. We are particularly active contributors of QGIS, PostGIS and related OSGeo components. Oslandia offers a wide range of services : consulting, integration, development, support and assistance, training, data management…


Oslandia actively contributes to Geographic Information Systems like QGIS / QGIS Server and has several core committers within its team. We have also developed expertise in the field of web mapping applications, particularly with Leaflet and OpenLayers.

We also develop applications for specific fields, like utilities : water management, telecommunication networks. We mostly base our software on PostgreSQL/PostGIS and QGIS, be it for desktop applications or web applications.



We have strong skills from processing to visualization of 3D data. We offer a 3D stack including a point cloud streaming server, a 3D viewing framework, 3D data processing for immersive viewing with 3D Tiles, and related tools such as SFCGAL, a collection of three-dimensional object manipulation libraries for PostGIS.

We also develop applications related to physics simulation software. Our goal is to bridge the gap between computational codes and GIS, in various fields like geology, hydrology, atmospheric simulation and more.



Perpetuating our long-standing expertise, we continued to develop our data processing skills through our contributions to PostGIS, point cloud management tools and our mastery of various complex GIS-oriented algorithms (Big Data, Multimodal Routing, Spatial Analysis)

We know how to get the most of your data thanks to state of the art Data Science, including Geo-statistics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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