Spatialised is a consultancy founded by Dr Adam Steer. We focus on helping you with collection, management, visualisation and analysis of airborne remote sensing products – imagery, lidar, 3D reconstructions – with open source tools. We’re also awesome at field data collection for research or whatever you need, building end-to-end collection to analysis pipelines.

We’re a remote-first operation, so we can collaborate on projects anywhere! With strong local networks, we can also build capacity rapidly as needed.

Spatialised applies open source tooling to geomatics and data management problems using an open and collaborative approach. Key work areas are managing and providing subject matter expertise for complex ‘collection to results’ projects using an inclusive and ‘ground up’ approach, training on open source data analysis, and advice on proceeding with open source technology solutions for hard data management problems. Creative cartography is a growing component of Spatialised – demonstrating how to turn open data into art with open source geospatial tools.

Adam contributes to PDAL documentation and workshop materials, and tinkers with OpenDroneMap. He’s been active in setting up and supporting the OSGeo Oceania chapter and sits on the current OSGeo Oceania Board. He is a co-chair the Australian Research Data Commons Geospatial Community of Practice; and helps out in the Women in Geospatial mentoring programme.

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