Spatialys is a company founded by Even Rouault that is dedicated to providing to its clients the best of its expertise around Open Source geospatial software and standards. Being strongly involved in the core development teams of the GDAL/OGR, MapServer and QGIS projects, Spatialys can take care of designing and developing new features that will be included into the mainline of those projects, with the appropriate level of quality insurance and documentation.

Even Rouault is a C/C++ (as well as Java and Python) software developer, based in France, with strong expertise on the GDAL/OGR software. He has been involved in the development of the project since 2007 and is the current chair of its PSC, and contribute to it as main developer and maintener. He isalso a committer of MapServer, MapCache, QGIS, PROJ.4, libtiff and libgeotiff, OGDI, Shapelib and OpenJPEG

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