We provide advisory and technical support on mapping technologies and Geographical Information Systems (GIS, WebGIS) with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Our services comprise the full range of FOSS geographical information technologies covering design, implementation, training, operation and maintenance of web based service architectures for spatial data.

WhereGroup is a medium-sized service and solution provider in the area of space-related information systems with free software. The spectrum of our work ranges from consulting, conception to construction and operation.

Founded in 2007 as a merger of several companies, our company now has more than 30 employees. The teams from various disciplines work at Bonn, Freiburg and Berlin (Germany).

We advise absolutely independent and are specialized in the professional application, development and integration of open standards and Open Source software. The observation of relevant safety aspects is a self-evident part of our work.

For many years we have been active in the OSGeo community. Our main project is the open source framework for spatial data infrastructures Mapbender, but we are also working and supporting projects like QGIS, MapServer and PostGIS.

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