GeoCat BV

Established in the Netherlands in 2007 by GeoNetwork founder Jeroen Ticheler, GeoCat is a strong open source supporter offering customized software and services making geospatial data sharing easier and more efficient than ever.

GeoCat offers cutting-edge, customized software and services that make publishing geospatial data on the Internet easier and more efficient. GeoCat are experts in Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and geospatial-enabled technologies.

GeoCat builds sustainable INSPIRE compliant products following the Free and Open Source Software philosophy and open standards. We help our customers bridge to proprietary GIS software to enable hybrid infrastructures. GeoCat products support organization, national and international Spatial Data Infrastructures for The Netherlands, Swiss, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Scotland, Canada, EEA, ESTAT, JRC, ESA and many others.

About our products

  • GeoCat Live: Hosted solution offers a solid, basic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to store, describe, discover and publish your data. Powered by our enterprise products GeoCat Live is a great choice for organizations of all sizes.
  • GeoCat BridgeOne-click publishing from the comfort of your Desktop GIS. GeoCat Bridge is the easy way for your team to publish data to OGC mapping services, and records to CSW catalogue services.
  • GeoNetwork EnterpriseEnjoy GeoNetwork catalogue with the full service and support of our GeoCat team.
  • GeoServer Enterprise: Professional distribution of GeoServer offering long-term support for all your mapping needs.

Developer Innovation Award

The “Developer Innovation” award is given annually to one developer that best exemplifies leadership and innovation in the FOSS4G community.

The goal of this award is to encourage the “foss4g spirit” of all GIS developers an inspirational new example of success. This award acts as a counter point to the “Sol Katz” award which acts as a lifetime achievement award.

This award is presented at FOSS4G during the closing plenary, with voting occurring during the event. The winner will be awarded €1,000 as acknowledge of his/her outstanding performance and development work.

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